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How To Roll A Blunt

How to roll a blunt made easy. You can do it with step by step pictorial instructions or these visualization techniques. What are "blunts?" Blunts is 420 slang used to describe a marijuana and tobacco cigar. According to one source, blunts originated among Jamaicans in New York City in the early 1980's. There is also the original Phillies blunt. Tobacco is removed from the inside of the cigar, and replaced with marijuana or other herb legal bud. The materials need are cigar, pot, knife, scissors or grinder and of course a lighter. And of course you need to practice, practice, practice. Lick your blunt skin well but do not sog it out. Use a sharp knife to cut a straight line from butt to tip of your cigar. Slid the insides out of the cigar using your thumb for best results. Don't be in a hurry, you want to NOT tear the outside of the blunt. Throw away the guts. Tear off (cut) the rounded end of the blunt. Now some prefer to separate the inner layer from the outer layer of the blunt. Now with a nice rectangular blunt wrap, lick the edges to seal up any tears, be careful the blunt is delicate. Make a fold in the blunt wrap like the fold in a rolling paper. Add your marijuana or herb smokes spreading them evenly down the wrap.

Rolling Blunts, how to roll a blunt.

Make sure you use a good amount to roll or your blunt will collapse. Fold the blunt starting by tucking the shorter side of the wrap around the weed, then roll upwards, carefully. Seal the blunt by leaving about half an inch unwrapped, lick it lengthwise and do it good. Carefully press the rest of the wrap down the blunt. Pay special attention to the ends, you could end up with an end too small to haul from. Take a lighter and run it up and down your blunt while spinning it around. Some like to microwave it at this point for a few seconds for the same effect as a lighter. This makes it firmer and a little darker, being easier to smoke and stay together. Spark that sucker up, watch for canoes, sit back and enjoy.